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for life

Gloria Seaman at Back to balance St. Johns

Gloria Beatrix Seaman

She was born in Germany/ Cologne in March 1968.

Gloria has worked as an international fashion model, dancer

and choreographer from 1987-2008.

In August 2006, after two years of full time studies,

she obtained the "Heilpraktikerin" title in Germany which also includes

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Diagnostic Assessment.

She is trained in Iridology, Osteo-symbiosis,

Foot- Reflexology and Dr. Bach Flower Essences.

She had initiation to Reiki I and II.

In October 2008 Gloria moved with her husband

and daughter from Germany to New Zealand.

2010 she became a certified Kinesiologist with NZCK and ICPKP.

She has finished training with the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy in association with the UK Academy of Therapeutic arts and sciences in August 2012 and has been awarded the DipCAH (Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy) and NLP practitioner. She is also holding the UK HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma).

She is a member with the National Council for Hypnotherapy/UK and the National Guild for Hypnotists/USA

At present she is doing a vinyasa power yoga teacher training using the Baron Baptiste method " Journey into power".

In her spare time she enjoys dancing, yoga, running,

the beach and quality time with family and her four rescue cats.

My path to holistic healing has first of all taught me about myself and to understand how to take leadership of my own well-being.

Coming from that strong foundation each day I am grateful to be able to practice what I have learned and learn more each day.

Thank you, God for your love, light and guidance.

When I created Balance for life, I knew it had to reflect and address balance.

Balance is a fragile moment and needs to be maintained and recreated every moment..

It is the moment where the physical, mental, social and spiritual you is Equally respecting and loving every aspect of you. Making changes to contribute to your balance will not only change you but the world around you and will make the world a better place.

At Balance for life I combine and share all that I have experienced and learned in my life.

I endeavor to continually better myself, to work within my skills and knowledge.

I work in accordance to the Code of Ethics of the NCH ( National Council for Hypnotherapy)

How my holistic massage was born:

After I finished my "Heilpraktikerin" training in Germany I was looking for more tools to work with in addition to Iridology, Reiki, Bach Flower essences, foot reflexology and Osteo-symbiosis and soon got interested into Kinesiology;. In the meantime we immigrated to New Zealand and I pursued my training here. Finishing the 1 year Kinesiology I felt a bit confused and overwhelmed by the magnitude of options and responsibilities to actually practice what I had studied for more than 4 years by then.. I shied away from treating anyone. I felt I was still not good enough...

My mother was visiting at that time from Germany and she was not feeling so well. I offered her a bit of TLC. What happened then was the version of the holistic massage I still use to this day.. It just poured out off me. The beauty is that it is different for every person but does have a frame, a structure. It is something that treats the person as a whole. Their body, mind, emotions and spirit.

"Your" holistic massage was born from the heart, with love, respect and empathy in mind.