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for life

Heart felt breathing.doc (DOC — 30 KB)

Overcoming loss meditation:

FitnessLife magazine April 2013

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Sleep well Affirmations:

Old castle

Self hypnosis for relaxation and comfort

Stop negative self talk!

Self talk is the inner chatter that goes on in our minds. It’s how we talk to ourselves about what is going on right now; what went on in the past; and what might happen in the future. Self talk influences our moods, attitudes and perspectives.

But if this self talk is negative, it will have unwanted repercussions since thoughts and feelings influence our actions. First, identify the quality of your inner conversations. Then, you can go about creating positive self talk that will improve your life.

Let's say you were picking up your kids from school. you were a little late getting out from work and now there is traffic. The lady in front of you seems to have all the time in the world. What does she think she is doing? Other people have a life too! I am going to be late because of her driving like a sleeping tablet...oh man! I am always late...I never have time...this rushing around is killing me...then I have to cook tonight...I did not defrost the you get to your kids you have talked yourself into a very bad mood. You feel on edge, impatient and grumpy...

Come aware of your self talk of the words you are using. Here are some more examples:

This looks stupid. I know I won’t have fun.” (How do you know, without any evidence, since the event is in the future? Change your assumption to “this will be fun” and your whole attitude will change.)

When you’re complimented on your work, you say, “Oh, that’s nothing.” (If someone compliments you, obviously they see the value in your work. Why don’t you? Instead, simply say, “Thank you!”)

“I can’t ever lose those last 10 pounds!” What you focus on, you attract and create. (Change to “I’m at my ideal weight.” Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.)

“That’s not fair!” (Life doesn't always measure up to your ideals of what it should be like – relax and let it be; change what you can, and be okay with what you can’t change.)

“Winning is everything.” (All-or-nothing thinking closes you off to the enjoyment of the moment, the experience of what you are doing.)

“He makes me so mad!” (No. He is doing something that you are choosing to feel angry about. Nobody can dictate how you feel or respond!)

“I am so angry!” (No. You are a person who is feeling emotions of anger. You are feeling an angry emotion. You ARE not your feelings. You ARE not angry.)

“I couldn't take it anymore if she left me!” (Breakups are difficult, but you can survive them and even thrive because of them. Don’t magnify the catastrophe. Instead, let yourself imagine yourself thriving in the aftermath of any personal crisis.)

“I never do well in school.” (Global generalization is unhealthy. You are limiting yourself severely with statements like this! Look at your real and perceived shortcomings as opportunities for growth: “I’m learning about and developing my skills in…”)

“My soup was too salty and now the whole dinner is ruined!” (Really? What about the rest of the meal? Was the whole dinner a culinary disaster, or was the soup just not your best attempt?)

“I can’t have normal relationships because of the abuse I suffered as a child.” (You are giving way too much power to the past. That was then; it influenced you, yes, but you are not in that situation anymore and you have choices in how to heal your past trauma.)

“It’s all my fault that my kids aren't doing well in school.” (No, it’s not. Where is their responsibility for their actions? As a parent, you need to guide, discipline and help your learn children the necessary success skills, but the ultimate responsibility of learning and performing is up to them.)

“Nobody will ever love me.” (Ever? Another self-defeating generalization!)

“I’m so stupid!” (Are you? All the time? Completely, in all ways, in every way stupid? Of course not! Don’t overlook your great qualities! You can say, “That was a silly thing to do. Next time I won’t take that approach!” Learn from mistakes!)

“I wish I could be as pretty as…” (While it’s nice to look up to people and emulate their good qualities, you are still you. Negatively comparing yourself to others demeans who you are – a unique, interesting and valuable individual.)

You may recognize some of these examples. The problem is, they sound so convincingly real – but they’re only choices in how to perceive things.

Make a conscious effort to become aware of your negative self talk. Anytime you become aware of a negative statement, challenge it. Where’s the proof? Is this always true? Your words have so much power!

Imagine you were your own best friend.

Anytime you come aware of a negative thought about yourself you can change that too and rephrase it, change it into something more positive, more loving and respectful.

Erase these words from your vocabulary:

Always: there is no such thing. Everything is changing, temporary!

Never (or ever): there is no such thing (see above)

Can’t: maybe not now, but if you want something, you’ll find a way.

Won’t: the same principle applies with ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t. But: an extremely self-limiting argument

Try: Just do! “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda (from Star Wars)

Should: don’t live live according to other peoples’ expectations of you, or put a negative spin on doing things that are good for you (instead of “I should lose weight” say, “I want to lose weight.” ‘Wanting’ is more motivational than ‘having to’! 

(taken from "Silva method")

Heart focused/ Heart felt breathing

  • Place your hand lightly on the area around your heart and focus your attention on that area.(Once you have focused your attention there you might choose to remove your hand if you wish.)
  • Breathing deeply into your diaphragm and belly, establish a rhythmic breathing pattern. (You might want to use 4 counts to breath in through your nose and 4 counts out through your nose or mouth, whatever feels comfortable to you. Longer deeper breath are better. A slightly longer exhale than inhale is more calming.)
  • Imagine now that you are breathing through the heart ( or around the heart ) and continue the rhythmic breathing pattern you have established.
  • Next recall and keep at the forefront of your mind a "heartfelt moment". This is a moment where you felt really good, at peace, warm and grateful, appreciated and loved. It may be recent or in the past. It could involve others or animals or it could be alone.
  • Immerse yourself in this "heart felt moment' and expand it with your breathing...stay here as long as you wish. Enjoy! 

A 30 seconds brain gym exercise!

An easy and fun way to get both of your brain sides to work more efficiently together and thus increase concentration and learning. Often we have to do work which affords us to be predominantly in one side of the brain. Solutions and ideas, learning and memory require both parts of the brain to work well together. This is what you can do when you notice your eyes get tired and your concentration is fading:

  1. Hum or sing a song for about 10 seconds
  2. Count backwards from 12 to 1
  3. Extend your arm out in front of you, turn your thumb up. Focus your eyes on your thumb. Now draw a lying down 8 or infinity sign with your thumb. Keep your head straight only follow with your eyes. Start with your thumb in line with your nose as the middle of the lying eight. Do about 10 infinity signs.Keep your arm straight and your thumb always in the visual field without moving your head at all.
  4. Drink a glass of water
  5. Take another deep breath

Well done!

You had to access the right brain to hum a song and the left brain to count backwards. Your eyes following your thumb drawing an infinity sign involves the brain working together: The right visual field is processed by the left hemisphere of the brain and left visual field by right hemisphere. The mid- visual field can only be constructed by both hemispheres working at the same time. Breathing consciously and water are always a good idea. :-) This little 30 seconds exercise can improve your brain function, concentration and it is an instant refresher for the mind.