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12 Really Good Reasons to have Regular Massages

Posted on June 27, 2019 at 12:58 AM Comments comments (6)
. TOUCH -Being touched in a loving and kind way makes us FEEL loved and gives feedback to the brain about that touch and in turn the brain can initiate relaxation and in turn healing. Baby massages are one of theeeee best things you can do for your little loved ones. I did it for my daughter and/ or foot massages and she still goes to sleep over them even now, 16 years later....:-)
2. CIRCULATION- increased circulation to the areas of tension that are being worked on in a massage helps the body to break down toxins and to repair and heal those areas.
3. ME TIME- just for yourself , no one to bother you, nothing to do, nothing to think about just relax and melt into the table.
4. Self LOVE-By making time for yourself and doing something enjoyable and healing you are demonstrating self love 
5. Own your HEALTH- by budgeting for a holistic massage you are taking responsibility of your own long term health. 
6 Helps with ANXIETY- Anxiety has become a common mental health issue and costs the government millions. Many people end up on ongoing medication. The good news is that it's medically proven that regular massages can reduce the level of stress hormones by up to 50%. Furthermore, consistent massage sessions can also reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, and depression.
7. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE – Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. In fact, some long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can reduce both systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressure. In turn, lower blood pressure levels can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and/or kidney failure, as well as many other health issues.
8.. TENSION release- Most common places for tension are neck and upper back and hips. The right amount of pressure and warmth created through friction as well as proprioceptor- stimulation will allow the body to release tension. The squeezing, twisting, and pulling action of the massage technique also removes lactic acid from the muscle tissues. As a result, this action improves the lymph fluid circulation, which carries metabolic waste products away from internal organs and muscles. In a holistic massage we address associated energy blockages and emotions as well which helps to go deeper into the "tension issue" and deepen the healing.
9. OUT of MIND- Yes, you heard me. Massages help you to get out of the busy mind into the body which is relaxing. Great to relief most headaches.
10. Insomnia- Regular massages help teach the body to relax and switch the mind off together with the physical relaxation of muscles and increased blood flow to the peripheral tissue, body and mind work together to snap out of stress mode into relaxation mode. Regular is key here.
11 Enhances sports performance- Regular massages improve the quality and elasticity of muscles as well as help regeneration and recuperation of injured or over worked muscles. "Rest well and reap the benefits".
12. BOOST for the immune System -A research group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered that a single 45-minute massage alters the immune response. Studies have indicated that regular massage sessions not only help reduce stress, but can also boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment. So, a fortnightly 90 min holistic massage will definitely boost your immune system to fend off winter illnesses and so much more...

9 powerful ways to deal with perceived stress.

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 9:38 PM Comments comments (0)
9 powerful methods to deal with perceived stress:
When you feel the symptoms of perceived stress- such as palpitations, an irritable bowel, insomnia, headaches, or loss of appetite- do something positive. You could use holistic massages on a more frequent basis and also consider the following measures:

  1. Establish some healthy boundaries and learn to say" No' when you are taking on too many things to do any one good enough.
  2. If you work at a desk or have a sedentary lifestyle, getup and take some exercises regularly: walk or run up and down the stairs rather than taking the lift, so that your glucose and fat deposits mobilized by the stress hormones get used up by the physical movement rather than staying in the blood vessels and might cause arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or heart disease.
  3. Adopt deep breathing techniques throughout the day to calm the body and mind. For example breath in five counts, hold for five counts, then breath out five counts. Imagine the oxygen filling every part of your body and as you exhale imagine releasing negative stuff like a black cloud out of your mouth or nose. Creating space for that new inhale with fresh positive life energy, oxygen... always there, never ending supply!
  4. Have a worry- box or worry-drawer! Whenever you find yourself dwelling on a worry and there is nothing you can do or change to help the situation then write it down onto a piece of paper and put it away into the box or drawer. If you really need to you can come back to it. Empty the worry box every week by trowing the content away or burning it or what ever makes you feel like its completely gone.
  5. Use a meaningful affirmation: An affirmation is a form of auto-suggestion whereby you visualize a positive outcome, by creating a statement of something you want to happen in your body, your relationship or your life. A good example is: I make more time for myself and my loved ones. You need to make a mental image of this desirable state and say the statement to yourself every morning as you wake up and any time throughout the day. The more often you use the affirmation the more powerful it becomes. 
  6. Flower essences have the ability to influence your energetic vibration. We all are energy ; every single cell in us vibrates. Perceived stress has a negative effect on this subtle energy field getting us out of balance, feeling out of sorts and if ongoing can cause illness and disease. every person reacts different to possible stressors. What might cause one person to break out in sweat and palpitations can leave the other cool and collected; a skilled Flower essences specialist will find the exact flower remedy combination that will get you, back into balance.
  7. Horizontal time! During the day find a spot and 5 minutes :-) when you can lie down. Not to sleep but just to rest with your head and heart on one level. Set your timer(3min) close your eyes or mentally walk up a staircase with 20 steps. Imagine yourself walking up the steps and feel how with every step as you are walking up , you are getting more and more refreshed , re energized. Between every step pause and breath in deeply and out deeply. Tell yourself  that as you reach the highest level ( the 20th step)you wake up with your eyes open completely replenished and energized and ready to continue with your day being successful, feeling great!( this is a self hypnosis technique and if you want more information please contact me. 
  8. Sleep well! The Adrenal glands that are responsible for the production of adrenalin and cortisol (the so called "stress hormones") need recovery time. This recovery time has a beginning, a middle and an end and all phases are needed to be successful. You have to be in bed by 10 pm and stay for 8 hr minimum to allow for optimal recharge for those vital glands. Especially if you had a very demanding stressful time in your life. The best would be if you made this a routine.
  9. A glass of water! Yap, I am doing it! I am telling you again...:-) The oldest and simplest advise to help yourself is to be hydrated.

Do you find it easy to forgive

Posted on November 5, 2014 at 7:47 PM Comments comments (0)
Do you find it easy to forgive people who have hurt or abused you in some way?
I didn’t until I started to understand that I was hurting myself more by maintaining a tight knot of resentment and anger towards the people who had wronged me. As I learned to love myself, and make loving myself more important than hating the other person, a profound shift happened within me.
I felt more loving not only towards myself, but also towards everyone and all situations in my life. This shift in perspective produced a state of relaxation, ease, and trust that all was right with my world. I gained self-confidence, courage and compassion, while recognizing that forgiving an abuser does not make what they did ok. Nor does it mean that one has to spend time with them. However, by choosing to love – rather than resentment – this takes you to a higher vibrational level so you can attract good things. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Ripples, vibratation, vibrational
1) Mind Your Own Vibration
Your business is to mind your own vibrational level and keep it high with love, happiness and joy. This takes focus, energy and attention and reaps rich rewards. When you take focus off the other person and keep it on yourself, you don’t get sucked into the vibration-lowering energy of blame, resentment and anger. Being unforgiving keeps you at the lower vibrational level of your abuser. Forgiving is a choice that raises your vibrational level as high as you want. You move from victim to master of your life. How wonderful is that?
2) Watch the Ego
Here we have to be vigilant because the ego likes to be right. It wants to take revenge and get even. Now, here’s where you have to be careful, as it’s highly likely that you are right and that the person should not have hurt you. However, getting revenge does not serve you. Know that the abuser is creating their own negative vibration and activating Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion which states that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction (sometimes known as the Law of Cause and Effect or karma). We must choose, therefore, between being right and being happy. And, believe me, being happy is always the best choice!

3) Feel Love Expanding
As you continue to put your energy, attention and focus on being happy, a miracle occurs. Love grows and expands, filling up your inner well and then overflowing for others to share and enjoy.
In my practice I teach a wonderful heartfelt breathing technique and other healing vizualisations in hypnotherapy, kinesiology or holistic massage sessions. 

4) Experience Gratitude Arising
Being thankful for all of our experiences magnifies our happiness. Gratitude lifts us into a realm of possibility where dreams really can come true. It helps us access a place where trust, creativity and imagination reside.
As you live joyfully and contentedly, regardless of your situation, you discover that joy is not dependent on anything or anyone. It arises from within you. It is already there as you already have what you seek.
When you choose love over a negative reaction, you bring yourself to a higher vibrational level of joy, peace and happiness. You therefore attract more love. Your life becomes easier, more fulfilling and purposeful.
Love is truth. Whenever you speak your truth, love is there. While the other person might not agree with or like what you say, love has a depth and a resonance that will keep you in alignment with your true self and serve you. You might not understand how right away, but in time, all things become clear.
Always choose Love.
Bring love to the situation, even if you are the only one doing so.
As you change within you create ripples which will touch the world around you to make it a better place. 
Thank you! 
From my heart to yours Namaste!

Implementing a desirable habit

Posted on January 15, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)
The significance of creating a good routine or habit!
We all know how hard it can be to break an unhealthy habit specially if it brings pleasure and it was well practiced. That is why I would like to invite you to be mindful of good routines that you could establish that support you, balance you and energize you. 
A good healthy routine of mine is to go to my hot yoga class every morning after dropping my daughter at school. I do it without thinking and I make time for it automatically unless there is an emergency. I will tell you about my unhealthy habits an other time..:-)
How to set a healthy routine/ habit:
1. Find a time slot in your daily routine that is suitable and that can be the same for every day.
2. Make it manageable. Not too long, not too far away, not too hard...
3. Some healthy routines have to be done every day some every week some once a decide. Regular repetition is the key. 
4. Have a reminder. This could be not only a calendar or iPhone reminder but also a colour, an action, a sound, a smell. ( Hypnotherapy can help by setting an anchor to achieve an action after a certain trigger)
5. Add some fun or a sensible reward if the new desirable habit is a bit hard to start with
 ( that beautiful dress you have been eyeing out for a while or a concert ticket or a nice book).
6. Repetition and intensity/passion/ energy are the stepping stones for your new habit...the more often you repeat it the smoother the new neuro- pathway the more intensity you put behind it the more automatic it will be in the future.
7. Identify obstacles, anything that might interfere with what you want to do.

Here a little self hypnosis story for you to help you with the process:
Take the time to read this story and memorize its basic content, then read the instruction to go into a light trance:

You are living in a house and next to your house about 50 meters away is a beautiful little shed. Between the house and the shed is a lot of overgrown weed and grass and even some boulders, stones and obstacles.
You decide to walk today from your house to that shed because there is something beautiful and important for you in that shed, you have decided that from now on you will walk another path... it is taking you a lot of effort, focus and energy to make your can not even see the shed as everything is so overgrown but you know it's there... You  have to make space, do something about the weeds and the grass, find a way... what can you do about the obstacles and boulders...
(Take time to do this in your self induced trance, not now! In the trance state your part of the mind that is the more powerful and creative part will be available and will supply you with a way, just relax and observe what is happening in the privacy of your own mind. Do not judge anything or criticize, just that it will be exactly right for you and your subconscious mind will understand, already considering and implementing helpful suggestions.)
Now as you have re moved what you had to and found a path to the shed you are very pleased to be here. You are spending some quality time here doing what is good for you, finding what might be a treasure, a message or anything else...anything is possible here. You can take one minute of clock time equivalent to all the time that you need...walking back now you have a look at your new path and reach your house after a while of making your way through the still a bit rough and narrow path. The next day you are walking from your house to the shed again, and the day after that as well and so on...See yourself changing with every time you are walking the path just imagine yourself walking the new path every day and how this path is changing... getting wider, more comfortable, smoother, no obstacles, no wild weeds or grass growing and obscuring the could even walk the path with your eyes closed as you now know it so well...and every time you reach the shed you enjoy being there more and more and you notice that you are changing...notice how you look, how you feel, notice any sounds that you might hear adding to the positive, empowering and desirable specific about those changes. Enjoy!

Instructions to go into a light trance: ( take about 10min to be undisturbed and uninterrupted)
Now find a comfortable chair. Rest your hands in your lap, your head supported by the chair, your feet comfortable, feel the chair pushing up against you, your weight supported. Follow your breathing for a while as you are creating a natural and gentle rhythm of breath, flowing easily in and out of your nose...let your eyes close...your eyelids heavy...all those tiny muscles in your eyelids a while you start counting from 1 to 20. Take your time...with every inhale one number...With every even number you relax deeper into the chair and with every uneven number you feel a pleasant heaviness increasing or a tingling lightness expanding, whichever is right for you. You know that at the count of 20 you are in a self induced light trance, a place where changes can now go to that house in the story and play the story your own know what to do. When you are ready you can come back to full alertness by counting from 3 to 1 and at the count of you will be fully alert, awake with your eyes open feeling great! Remember the most important thing to make this work is that you relax and don't try, don't force anything just relax and observe...  going into a trance is like having goosebumps, you can not force them but you will know when they are there.
Have fun and R E L A X...:-)

5 little known ways to have fantastic energy!

Posted on November 3, 2013 at 11:18 PM Comments comments (2)
Five little known ways to have fantastic energy!

  • Drink a big glass of water before you get out of bed. This helps to bring hydration into your body and in particular into the large intestines which have their peak performance time between 5am and 7am (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine/ 5 Element Theory/ Acupuncture). If your body is hydrated the colon does not have to absorb water from the bowel and therefore one can pass and get rid of any waste easier and smoother :-). This creates space (literally and metaphorically)for the NEW day! read on
  • Find something positive to say in your mind or out loud.
I often just use:  What a beautiful day! (Even if it is grey and raining).
 I am glad to be alive and I am glad to be me. You will be amazed by the power of your thoughts and intentions. They can influence your whole day so use it in a positive way.
  • Ask yourself: What am I grateful about in my life right now? What about that makes me feel grateful? How does that make me feel? Feel that in your heart.Then take 3 deep and energizing in- and exhales breathing through your heart and filling yourself with that feeling.
  • Bend!Get out of bed and stand up to stretch your hands above your head as to touch the sky. Breath! Bend to the right forming a half moon with your body and hold 3 sec then bend to the left hold 3 sec. Bend forward as far as you can and let your head hang loosely. Wiggle your head to say no and then wiggle to say yes. Good! Now, wiggle your hips as you bend your knees left right left right with your heels on the floor if you can. Chachacha! :-) Comeback up slowly and put your hands on your hips to support your back as you look back with your eyes to do a little back-bend pushing your hips forward. Find a spot with your eyes on the sealing or back wall and hold for 3 sec or longer if you can. Keep breathing!
Good morning! This exercise would have stretched all your mayor energy pass ways(meridians)allowing energy (chi) to pass freely through your body.
Think about this.
Everything in existence has a vibrational energy. Flower essences work to bring about positive change to our own unique vibration. Flower essence remedies are wonderful for releasing old blocked emotions and blocked energy.
The flower essence Larch is a great example. It renews the believe in your own abilities and strengthens your courage to follow through. If you have problems with your spine, this flower helps with your posture, to feel "upright" strong and self-supported.
The flower essence Oak is great for those who are a so called "workaholics". It balances the energy to be more flexible and lenient with yourself but still strong and focused (like the Oak tree: strong yet flexible to sway in the wind able to bend, not break) therefore regaining energy to walk through daily challenges with grace, acceptance and endurance.
Gorse is another flower essence that brings energy and momentum into life. This particular flower helps if one has lost hope on some level and feels helpless and has given up. It brings hope and the energy to start anew.
If you have trouble getting out of bed and are lacking energy, you would benefit from a remedy with these flower essences and possibly one or two more specific ones which can be established with a kinesiology muscle test.

Find each of the 38 flowers and their healing properties at the bottom of my home page.
Have a fantastic day. Namaste. Love and light.

Color energy meditation

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 12:42 AM Comments comments (8)
A color energy meditation:

....close your eyes and imagine a red ball of energy spinning just at the end of your spine your coccyx and let that deep vibrant red energy gently expand at just that one spot, strengthening your sense of security and feeling of connection to your primary family... now imagine an orange energy spinning in a ball, round and round at your belly button area, spinning and softly expanding at just that one spot, healing relationship issues and inspiring your creativity... now imagine a sunshiny yellow energy spinning round and round in a ball at your solar plexus area where it is softly expanding, recharging your physical powers and your self confidence. Imagine a beautiful soft green energy spinning round and round in a ball just in the middle of your chest, where it is softly expanding, opening your heart and the ability to notice this crystal clear turquoise energy spinning round and round in a ball in your throat area and softly expanding, allowing you to speak up for yourself, expressing your feel this deeply calm dark blue energy spinning round in a ball just between your eyebrows where it is softly expanding, calming your mind and sharpening all your senses...and finally imagine a powerful divine purple light entering the top of your head and gently travelling through your body, connecting and filling each and every cell, muscle, nerve ,tissue, gland and organ...deep within the space between the cells...

...and now enjoy all those balls of energy spinning round and round and expanding even further creating a beautiful halo of colours and light around you...energizing, connecting and protecting you. give this energy light bubble a name, any will remember this name and any time you need to recreate this energy light bubble , any time you need to re-energize, relax, heal and connect you do this...breath deeply and and out of your nose, three or four times as you close your eyes say the name and you will be back in your bubble, feeling calm and relaxed, seeing all the colour surrounding you, you might even hear something that deepens this profound feeling of peace and calmness, even happiness as you are hear take all the time in the world equivalent to one minute of clocktime and as you open your eyes feel refreshed and re- energized. Do this once a day and notice the changes within you and around you...enjoy! Namaste...Gloria

My greatest challenge- surrender!

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 9:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Surrender...Not just bending my bones… As I walk into the warm yoga room at east west yoga in Newmarket I am glad to be here. Why you might ask? You are going to be tortured and be incredibly hot…yap! I look at it this way: Every morning again this is my chance to clear my mind, to clear my body from any blockages accumulated by thought processes, self talk, experiences, triggered memories, emotions…Being a Kinesiologist I know how certain emotions can weaken a muscle or a muscle group and meridians ultimately the immune system and organs. So as I walk into the warm yoga room I am grateful for this time I am going to have for myself to better myself health wise, mind wise, heart wise …whole-wise. Pranayama breathing exercise…feet together, heels together, interlace your fingers underneath your chin …breath in…as I am breathing I focus on the sound that I am creating using my breath…it’s like the ocean it comes and goes effortlessly in and out never ending rhythm. I surrender to the rhythm of the teacher …at times that can be very challenging for me…surrender used to give me a bad taste in my mouth...sounds so weak, like giving up or loosing something. In fact it contains a whole lot of fear for me. Surrendering down, bending your knees, kneeling down, being vulnerable…open…letting go of control. About 6 years ago I injured my left knee during strenuous rehearsals for a dance fashion show which I choreographed. I had been out of the business for a while living in South Africa and then returning to Germany to have my little baby girl. Now I was back but felt judged and a bit rusty which of course was a scenario I was creating for myself but so it was …I wanted to show how good I still was and created way too complicated and strenuous moves. I had to show and go over them too many times and felt increasingly insecure. All this led up to a severely torn cruciate ligament, meniscus tear, and lateral ligament tear. This injury was caused by my own strong feelings of fear and my stubornness around not showing vulnerability and weakness. I did not have surgery – which was a mixture of great doubt in the medical industry and I was at that time already studying osteopathy and other alternative medical healing modalities, I wanted to heal my knee my self. Well, actually I ignored it at first and did nothing other then Reiki healing on it. After a year of doing that my knee kind of was fine but felt unsupported and weak. A reflection of exactly how I felt at that time in my life... this is what the body does it follows what is going on in your mind. If you feel hungry it will create the hormones and enzymes needed for digestion, if you feel anxious the body will create and release the hormones into the bloodstream that help you to run away or to fight... my knee felt unsupported as I was not sure in my mind which direction to go in my life.

Immigrating into NewZealand was amazingly healing. I started to study Kinesiology and during that year we did a lot of work on my knee, clearing the emotions held through the trauma and the emotions leading to the trauma as well as any other unwanted patterns still attracting injuries to that knee (as I injured it again during Body Jam classes)and other emotions hindering the healing. Now I can do anything with my knee it is normal, my normal strength, flexibility and health. I can now surrender and let go of having to be someone that I am not. I can be vulnerable at times and that is ok as it is a place of great transformation…I can surrender to infinite possibilities of the moment and trust that whatever comes up will be the exact right thing for me at that moment, instead of holding on to a limited image of myself from the past. Listening to what is and not to what was or might be. Now I can surrender to the teacher in the yoga room and to the heat…I choose to and even though we do the same old 26 postures over and over again every day is different. This is something the teachers say a lot

but some things you hear over and over but they never make it into your awareness, under the surface and one day they finally do and as they drift down into the deepest part of the bottom of the deep deep sea... they can drift down deeply...all the way down... into the bottom and there you can... start growing like a seed planted into the ground. ..this ground can be so fertile, so rich, this ground is as pure and nutritious as you choose... by taking good care of it, loving it and respecting it…taking out weeds and any waste or toxins... weeds and toxins which might have names like worry, fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, sadness, grief, blame and guilt. Every day, every moment you come aware of a weed you are growing more and more aware of these things that are harmful for you... you can take it out, dissolve it or you might even breath it away…I do not know what suits you most but as you do this, as you let them go... your seeds with beautiful names like trust, confidence, courage, happiness, joy, willpower and many other beautiful names that you choose, can grow …higher and colourful …vibrant and strong…any way you like them to grow.

In hypnosis I teach my clients to go into a trance…easily and naturally and any time they come back, any time they go back into their garden wherever it is... they can go even deeper and go there even faster…instantly...just like you might have just slipped into a light trance reading my blog… Love and light …Gloria

Improving my yoga...

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 1:32 AM Comments comments (8)

I have been experimenting with applying meditation for chakra energy and self hypnosis into my Bikram yoga practice.
It has been very helpful in stabilizing my big toe which likes to lift off the ground and changes the whole dynamics of all poses.
As soon as we start class with the breathing exercise in Bikram Yoga I imagine a powerful red energy coming from the tip of my spine and is flowing down into my legs and feet through the soles of my feet into the ground. This red energy in my mind is turning into roots holding , surrounding, stabilizing my legs, my toes, my coccyx. Those roots are warm and elastic yet strong and firm. I visualize roots growing underneath the ground...roots strong and reaching out far and deep... they could be blood vessels in my mind...they branch out into smaller and finer vessels and getting smaller and multiplying...reaching out into everything...receiving energy and releasing energy...

I tell myself that with every word the teacher is saying I relax more and I will hear everything I need to hear and knowing that I can relax even more I relax even deeper my body feels breathing will carry me smoothly and effortlessly through every posture...

Next we will start with our arms above the head and do side bends and then back and fore ward bends. In my mind I connect with my hands up into the sky to the infinite energy and light that is always surrounding and filling us...I feel this energy flowing into the tips of my fingers and down through my this light is filling me it is lifting me...feels so good being lifted and securely supported into the ground...In every posture I know this light is filling me with energy and connecting me to everyone else as well...I imagine my energy beaming and creating a field of energy around me that is positive and helpful for the ones around me. I think of it as love and light...
Some days this works amazingly and other days I struggle to even get the roots going...every day is different...yet... the more I focus on doing it the better my balance and breathing gets, the stronger I can hold and explore my depth in the pose...I remember one class was extremely hot ...I could feel the people around me getting irritable and breathing harder with the heat...I used the roots and visualized the heat in my body being released into the ground and from the ground receiving cooling energy. My breathing was acting as a pump releasing excess heat into the ground and bringing in cool energy with the inhale. I imagined the longer and deeper the breathing got the better and more efficiently it worked...
Do you have your own secret ways of helping yourself to be better at something, to cope, to perform, to remember or anything else for that matter? I would love to hear them! Namaste...Love and Light. Gloria

Boosting your confidence...a script for self - hypnosis

Posted on April 21, 2013 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (3)
Confidence boost self hypnosisFirst identify your challenge. Do you have something that you feel insecure about, that you want to boost your confidence about? This might be an important conversation with a spouse or family member or even your boss. It might be a speech you have to give or a task you have to do, it might be a sports performance or meeting new people. What ever it is identify it now. As you come aware of your issue you can change it. If you do not identify it you can not change it. So take the time to note what it is that might be holding you back from feeling capable and confident. What triggers it and where and when you first encountered this feeling, anything your parents or friends said to you, any believes you might hold because of these comments or experiences? Now this is what you want to change.
Read through all of the following one or two times


...take a deep and satisfying inhale, hold it for one moment and let the air slowly escape through your nose or mouth. Do this three times each time allowing yourself to relax and calm your body twice as deep with every exhale, letting your muscles become loose and limp like a loose rubber band. Take time to travel through all of your body from toes up to your head or from your head down into your toes, it doesn't matter where you just relax...and it doesn't matter where you relax first... Say to yourself: Any time I do this again I will get better at it and I will relax quicker, easier and deeper. 

Now allow your mind to float back to an event that you can be proud of... where you indeed have accomplished something that at first seemed impossible or far out...we all have made experiences like this before ..allow your mind to wonder to such an event...counting backwards from 5 to 1 and at the count of 1 you will be there...instantly. 5 floating back, 4 feeling relaxed and comfortable floating, 3 almost there, 2 feels so good to just float, 1 be there!

As you are there, now ...notice what you see, every color, every shape, people around you, where are you? What are you wearing, shoes, pants/ dress...what are you hearing? Any sounds, music, voices? what are people around you saying? What are you saying to yourself? Notice how you feel... and let that positive feeling flood your whole body... let it expand, melt into every cell, every muscle, every tissue. Breath again and let the exhale take you even deeper...more intense, more vivid into that feeling! 
Now... let that positive emotion take you further back like floating back along an invisible timeline, magically drawn to the previous event before this event that is important for you to know ...floating effortlessly and easily into another event, notice how well you are doing and how that feels...let that emotion flood through your whole body again but this time ten times more intense and deeper, notice everything, soak it up like a sponge, you are right in let that feeling take you back one more time ...floating high up and back, magically drawn to another event in the past ... to another event an event where you felt good about yourself, pleased and even surprised at how well you did, take it all in again...what do you see, what do you hear, how do you feel?... you have surprised yourself many times in your life already, haven't you?  You have achieved something already which you might have forgotten about or just did not focus on because we tend to focus much more on all those things we do not have, that we have lost or failed at. Now congratulate yourself for achieving so much... 

now gently float back towards the present, floating effortlessly just by yourself forward ... drifting to a time in the future taking all the new insight and learning with you, taking look at  where you have indeed surprised yourself in the future your own and delightful way... where you have succeeded in something that you previously believed you could not do... Something that might have been challenging before but now is leaving you calm and at you have taken with you what you needed and surprised yourself and others... Feel what it feels like in your body, see what you can see around you. People ?, colors, furniture, nature, make it really vivid, intense and bright. Hear what you can hear as people might congratulate you, or comment in a positive way. You might even smell something pleasant and specific for you that is in connection with your success and feeling confident and good about yourself. You might be wearing a specific outfit...notice and intensify everything that is happening.

You have a choice now, you can take a gift with you into the future: 

You can take a picture of your most intense experience of the successful event with you and keep it in your heart; where anytime you need to see it, it will be there for you to remember and you will remember everything instantly

 or you can turn the deepest sensation of the event into a scent ,a perfume which anytime you smell it it will instantly trigger your deep feelings of confidence again. 

or you can give the deepest and most profound feeling of the successful events a name and any time you say the name in your mind you will feel it again, just as deep and profound in your whole body.

You are already creating a new you... surprising yourself with new delightful ways of creating success and confidence... the new you...and any time you do this visualization/ self hypnosis again you will be better at it and you will go deeper, finding more achievements and successes in your will relax and feel better in every way each time you use this exercise, as it is the nature of human beings to get better with practice...and you can open your eyes as soon as your subconscious mind has absorbed all the new learning and saved it for all future events. As you open your eyes feeling refreshed and energized.  

Love and light

You may download this self hypnosis as an mp3 recording off my website:

Affirmations to create the days after 21st of December.

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Today I was reminded about gratitude and to keep the heart open to all the beauty and grace every day brings, as every day is a gift. I would like to share this short video from Moving art-Louie Schwartzberg:

The end of the year also brings the end of an ancient calendar which has been widely discussed. The Mayan calendar is ending and for many this is a time of anticipation.
For me it is the time to keep my heart open and to embrace and cherish every person, every animal, every bit of nature, very moment in awe, as if it was the first and the last time I am going to experience it.
What does the end of the calendar mean to you? What are your aspirations for the new year? Make them high, make them awesome ...just like you.

Carl Johan Calleman (a 2012 expert)
says that the build-up to 21 December, 2012, is the most important time that any one of us will ever experience. It has been said that you may be experiencing the end of things that do not serve you in your life, and the beginning of things that do.
f we are ready there are incredible opportunities for higher ascension and true happiness as well as the return of our gifts.

In the spirit of creating an amazing experience of the days to come you might find these affirmations helpful:
I release all criticism
Just for today I do not anger
Just for today I do not worry
Today is a gift
I open my eyes and surprise myself
I am open 
My gratefulness is overflowing my heart and nourishing my self and the world around me.
I deserve to be happy, successful, loved and nourished.
I create abundance
I extend love and I receive love.
I trust the flow of life/ universe/ god.
I accept and respect myself.
I honor who I truly am.
I am a being of love and kindness.

 and my favorite affirmation:
Every day in every way I get better and better...

Pick those that resonate most with you and make them a song, a mantra for you to accompany you into your sleep and as soon as you wake up into the new unique day, as you are watching TV and whilst you are driving the car, bicycle or as you are walking along the beach, a park or anywhere in nature.

 This will be your focus, your attention, your intention. 
The mind is powerful and creates whatever you focus on.

If you would like to create new patterns and habits in your life and you need some help I would love to teach you self hypnosis. This is a powerful tool for you to bring about desired changes. We all use self hypnosis everyday by telling ourselves things sometimes so quickly we do not even come conscious of those voices. Unfortunately they are most of the time not desirable, empowering, positive and encouraging things we tell ourselves but they do work as they often keep us stuck, unhappy, unhealthy, anxious, angry, sad, bitter and lost. Why not use this power to create a healthy, happy, joyful, loving life for yourself and for everyone close to you as they will profit from a happier you as well. So learning self hypnosis or anything else that will help you to feel better within yourself will be the least selfish thing you have ever done!
Love and light