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for life

Clinical hypnotherapy

I strongly believe that we can change anything we want. If we truly want to, we can change...yet sometimes we get stuck playing the old habits, patterns and undesirable thoughts again and again even though consciously we know we do not want it anymore, it's not good for us, holding us back and making us unhappy. Most likely we are stuck in that way because unconsciously we are telling ourselves different things than consciously. Our subconscious mind is far more powerful than our conscious. Its like the iceberg in the water most of it underwater not visible and only the tip visible which is our conscious. Our subconscious runs the show most of the time, in fact 95% of the time most of our body functions i.e. breathing, heart rate, body temperature and digestion. We are conscious only 5% of the time and our conscious likes to wander... I am sure you have found yourself driving in your car thinking about everything else but how to drive and how you need to get home but still you have arrived. Who was driving the car? Your subconscious was driving and did everything perfectly. Have you ever found yourself wanting to watch the kids playing soccer but then you got sidetracked by watching some of the mums waiting on the sideline... to the cars parked in the street... to a great red Ferrari passing thinking about money and what you would do with some extra cash, to the last time you had a great holiday and so on....this is the conscious mind wandering

We are all able to go into a trance and we all do it every day. In a trance which is the desired state in a hypnotherapy session you are focused on one thing. This might be a fascinating book or a story told or a movie. What happens in a trance is that our disbelieve is temporarily suspended and focused on something interesting, confusing, relaxing or a task. Now, in this state your subconscious can absorb freely what is suggested. This fact has been unethically abused by advertisements on TV and you might have found yourself drawn to a specific brand without reason. In hypnotherapy we use this fact for desired and empowering changes.

I am passionate about hypnotherapy and what it has done for me and for many of my clients and what it can do for you...I would love to chat to you about what hypnotherapy can do for you and how.

Change, effective, hypnotherapy, transformation, freedom, happiness, empowered

Hypnotherapy is not about giving up control, it is not sleep and it is not being unconscious. In Hypnotherapy the natural ability to go into a trance is used to bring about positive changes.

We all know to go into a trance when we watch TV, read a good book or listen to a great story. It is when the conscious mind is focused on one thing that the subconscious is accessible. This is utilized in Hypnotherapy.

Think of the conscious as a gate keeper, guarding the most powerful computer and storage place in this world. The gate keeper is critical and judges but likes to wonder. In hypnotherapy we keep the gate keeper occupied, focused on one thing which is usually relaxation. Now we can directly talk to the subconscious mind which keeps all you have ever learned, experiences, emotions, behavior attitudes, information and facts. It is there to help us, to support us in every moment. It also controls all our vital functions; breathing, heart rate, digestion, elimination and sleep. It is here where hypnotherapy can help to modify, create and to eliminate negative and limiting emotions, patterns and believes.

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life but found it was just always creeping up on you again? This is because your subconscious mind is playing the same old record and it needs to be changed in order to allow you to reach your goals, to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Hypnotherapy can help with virtually any problem. 

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Be Free of smoking!

Do you want to be a non- smoker forever, easily and naturally. Imagine the freedom, health and extra money and all other added benefits you always wanted to have...

One stop smoking session can change your life!

The best thing is that you are not giving anything up you are in fact adding something to your life...more self respect, health, confidence, money, quality time with kids and family without having to hide away anymore a new sense of freedom.

Hypnotherapy programs: 

I would like to be able to use all the modalities that I have studied in the last 10 years of my ongoing training and experience to provide a program that encompasses every aspect of your healing and transformation needs.Weight management programs need a longer and more ongoing approach. Anxiety, fear and phobia programs will take about 6 to 8 sessions.

Weight loss program:

Introducing my highly successful two month program for weight loss:

(Kinesiology meridian assessment before and after each session and a CD recording to take home)

hypnotherapy, weight loss, addiction, slimmer, ideal me, goals, confidence, self assurance, emotions, limiting believes

  1. session:(1hr and 30min)history and goal setting, teaching self- hypnosis and training trances, task setting.
  2. session: (1hr) Evaluation, Ego strengthening and confidence building
  3. session: (1hr and 30 min) Holistic massage with hypnotherapy at the end
  4. session: (1hr) Evaluation (Regression techniques if required)

Each session on it's own normally costs $120 as a program

only $399 payable in advance

Anxiety, fear and phobias program:

A 4 month program for fear, anxiety and phobias looks like this:

(Kinesiology meridian assessment before and after each session and a CD recording to take home)

  1. session: (1hr) History, Goals, Self hypnosis and training trances.
  2. session: (1hr) Ego strengthening and confidence building.
  3. session (1hr and 30min) Holistic massage and Hypnotherapy.
  4. session: (1hr) Evaluation and NLP and Hypnotherapy to suit individual needs.
  5. session (1hr and 30min) Holistic massage and Hypnotherapy.
  6. session: (1hr) Evaluation, Hypnotherapy, future pacing and individual needs.

Each session on it's own normally costs $120, as a program

only $550 payable in advance

or $ 100 after each session

Confidence and performance improvement:

(Kinesiology meridian assessment before and after each session and a CD recording to take home)

  1. session: (1hr and 30 min) History and goal setting, Teaching self- hypnosis and training trance.
  2. session: (1hr) Ego strengthening and confidence building.
  3. session: (1hr and 30min) Holistic massage with hypnotherapy and future pacing.
  4. session: (1hr) Evaluation and Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to suit your individual needs.

Each session on it's own normally costs $120, as a program only $360

or $100 after each session