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for life

Holistic massage

Client's testimonials about their experience with Gloria

"I have had the wonderful experience of receiving a holistic massage from Gloria, and it was an eye opening experience for me. Using the Bach Flower Essences prior to my massage treatment gave me insight to creating more balance and self-awareness in my life. Having a massage accompanied with reiki and reflexology was a complementary addition to the experience, and after our session I left feeling more centered and balanced. Thank you Gloria for sharing your gifts!"

- Angie Friesen (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

"I was delighted to meet Gloria and find she is 'the real deal'. What I mean by that is she took the time to listen to what I needed and what was going on in my life and adjusted her treatment accordingly. It was a truly negotiated experience where my needs and desires were respected and taken into account. Not only was the massage very professional and effective, the additional extras - the bach flower choice, the energy healing, reflexology and guided meditation - really took a treatment with Gloria out of the ordinary spectrum and into the extraordinary. If you are looking for professional, holistic, respectful body treatment, I highly recommend Gloria. Afterwards, I felt like I was floating on air."

Love and light

Suzi Wallis

I had a great day at Body for life, which made me look deep inside me when you start first with the Bachflower-essences consultation followed with the Massage absorbing all the positivity made possible with Gloria.

I left with a boost of energy and I wish I would still live in Auckland!

Thanks Gloria for this ultimate experience!

Rosaria Lewis

It is wonderful to receive your emails. You gave me one of your lovely treatments in April, just before my return to Scotland . It was a time when I was feeling tremendously disconnected and fearful, which you spotted and it felt like you helped me to begin my journey back with positivity and calmness. Thank you so much for that.

Being back has had its ups and downs but I have been investigating my spirituality as you suggested and found myself in Italy this summer, on the Hill that Breathes in la Marche . It was a week of Tai chi, meditation and guidance in the way of the tao, and a week in which your words of connection to the universe really began for me. I live with gratitude for all you probably unknowingly gave me.

I can only say it is unlike any other massage therapy I have ever experienced. You treated my body but somehow my mind and soul felt healed too. Your choice of Bach Flower Remedy was ideal (I think 'disconnection' would be difficult to diagnose without the intuition and skills you possess) You set me off on my path with renewed energy and strength and I only wish you practiced in Scotland too so that I could experience the relaxation and bliss of your holistic massage.

With love and light


I recently had a holistic massage at Balance for Life and very quickly felt comfortable and in good hands with Gloria. She is clearly an extremely qualified therapist who is wonderful at what she does. A treatment with Gloria was exactly what I needed. She listened, provided me with some really fantastic advice and administered the best massage I have ever had. It was truly healing and completely relaxing. I left Balance for Life feeling enlightened and thoroughly renewed. What Gloria offers is certainly a holistic approach to your individual wellness. I have taken onboard all of what Gloria discussed with me and applied it to my life. Her input made practical sense and has shed a refreshing, new perspective on things for me. I will definitely be back."

Thank you again


Gloria has helped me and my body enormously after serious back surgery. She has strengthened my body, relaxed my muscles and put my mind at peace. She is just “ wunderbar”.

Birgit Utech, Birgit Photography

I have been visiting Gloria for healing massages for the last six months. During the treatment I feel so relaxed and I've come to look forward to my next one, as not only do I feel like I'm doing something nice for my body and mind, but I also relish the time out from being a busy working mother of my two children. I usually arrive a stress-ball with my mind racing a million miles an hour, and it doesn't take long for my mind to settle, and I feel completely calm. Gloria has a very therapeutic, calming influence over the massage and her techniques are tailored to suit my needs at that time. Highly qualified, complimented by a passion for her work and desire to help others, Gloria is a true professional who always goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. I wish her well in her business and know she will have no problem with customer retention, when they experience the services of this lovely lady."

Lisa Barker, Mission Bay.

I've spent years trying to achieve a sense of balance and calmness in my life and at the age of 40 I've finally found it. Gloria has strengthened and energised me. She's helped me to heal and to grow and I have never felt more balanced in all my life.

Rachel, Piha

I've been seeing Gloria for about a year now, it all started when a friend of mine gave me a reflexology session as a birthday gift! It'd had been a traumatic year and I was dealing with a lot of grief post the passing of my mother. Gloria has been terrific in terms of keeping me in balance and has really been a great source a support during this time. She always has insightful comments and I enjoy her holistic approach. She is a very genuine person and she's cares a great deal. I can thoroughly recommend her and the work she does.

Love and sunshine


Gloria is a great example of the expression "Love and Light".

My first therapy booking with her I went in feeling "very average"

I came out filled with love and light and even feeling lighter with a spring in my step :)




Gloria has been a great help in my process to feel better about myself. She is a good guidance, a person that makes you feel good. All different sessions give me strength and lit my way. It being hypnotherapy, holistic massage or kinesiology all helped me relax, feel more confident and helped me to understand and to see some situations of my past that use to make me feel down with a different perspective. Self-hypnosis helps me to reassure myself. I highly recommend.


Hello Gloria. My flights to Honolulu and back went very smoothly and I'm sure your help went a huge way to achieving this. I have always been a hypnotherapy sceptic but even though that was my one and only session I found I benefitted from it. I think that combined with your guided meditations over the past months have contributed greatly to putting me in a better place. So thanks very much! See you Wed, Sue.

"Gloria is an extremely talented therapist who cares deeply about her

clients and has both the empathy and professional skills to help people improve their lives.

Any client would be lucky to have her working with them.

I have worked with Gloria and can say without doubt that she is a first rate

therapist. I recommend her wholeheartedly, without hesitation."

Ed Lester

The Art of Optimism Ltd

Founder of The New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy

The anchor of "Relax" is working really well for me. I used it just the other day at the dentists! Instant relaxation! It's a great idea, using anchors. I'm grinding my teeth less but still sometimes. I use the CD every night to fall asleep to. Best wishes Monica